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There has been a lot of questions raised on how to deal with Demon and Spirit intrusions. In order to meet the demands I have put together a cleansing template. This will at least provide the basic tools for getting on top of the situation. Please use good judgment.

Life is uncertain which is packed with full of negatives and positives. Human always wishes to have a quick glance at the cosmic plan that is stored for him. Astrologer Sharma, the best Indian astrologer in New York, USA is blessed with an incredible experience and wisdom letting people know what future reservoir has in store for them.

There are thousands of people all over the world who experience demonic hauntings and attachments. Demons are very real and come in many forms. People become possessed by wicked, evil demonic spirits when a relationship is formed between spirit and human. If you feel panic in your life because of your sudden changes, that can be the starting stage of the evil spirit. In astrology the position of 12th and 8th house is heavy then it make some evil destructions in all your growth of life. The effect of evil spirit will be very severe and even it cause to death. Our astrologer Sharma is well experienced and full talented in erasing the negative spirits.

Removing Evil Spirits must be done by experts and done very carefully. There are many things in the material world that science cannot prove. One such aspect is the existence of evil spirits or ghosts. Such evil possessions are removed by various astrological techniques like.

    • 1.Get talismans and gemstones to ward off evil.
    • 2.Yagya and hawans for the pacification the raging planets.
    • 3.Get Raksha-Sutras prepared with powerful mantra for protection.

He will suggest you to do ‘Yagnas’ and ‘Hawana’ to satiate the planetary effects in your birth chart that may allow evil spirits to enter the body. He is well-known for his strong evil spirit removing and spiritual healing capabilities in USA.

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